Jack Furlong has been working with me for nearly a decade.  He is kind, efficient and the most reasonable SEO/Computer guy that I have ever known. There are endless accomplishments that he has mystically created for me that I could drone on and on about.  
But here are brief ones that speak for themselves.  

He took a URL new website from scratch, built it in a free google site in 3 weeks it was on page one of google in my search terms in a crowded /expensive field.  He posted another free site for me that went to number 2 on google in under 4 weeks.  It was so highly ranked, that www.matrixenergetics.com (where I am a practitioner) wrote me and asked me to take it down so that potential students would not get confused between learning the modality and my private sessions.

That is so wild it’s like you selling GM used cars locally on your lot and in 4 weeks ranking just under GM’s web site worldwide.  Who do you know that can achieve that?  I know of only one guy.
Jim McKeown 

I hired John about a year ago, when my website was arbitrarily flagged by Google during one of their algorithm updates. John did a lot of work rebuilding my presence on the web and, over the latter part of 2012, I began seeing an uptick in my website traffic and phone inquiries.  John's pricing is reasonable, and he goes above and beyond with his time and sharing of expertise.  He knows how to communicate in lay terms, and is easy to work with.  I highly recommend his services, and regularly refer people to him.

Sandy Schell - MassageTherapyTampabay.com

“Seriously folks I don't know why you would hire anyone else. John understood what needed to be done immediately and went right to work. This is no hyperbole, my next job is going right to John. Thank you for the great work”

I recommend John (Jack) Furlong without hesitation to help you with your Internet or WebMaster needs. He has saved me hours of work with his experience in setting up a Volusion website (arizonahobbies.com). He quickly had my Internet store up and running so I can spend more time selling my products rather than learning the quirks of a new software. His rates are reasonable and cost-effective since you will save your own time. He is friendly and quick to respond to your questions or problems. Don't waste your money on someone from India or Pakistan where there is a time zone and language barrier. They may or may not deliver a service or design to your satisfaction. Jack delivers!

I highly recommend Jack Furlong for web services.  He is efficient, reliable, cost effective and professional.  His response time is usually immediate and he does what he says he will do and then some. Jack is a pleasure to work with.

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