Why Us?

Why I feel I'm a better choice for your company:

  1. I Don't Oversell What I Can Do
    Many firms trumpet "page one in Google in two weeks or less!"  
    In highly competitive markets, that's difficult without techniques that will eventually get you banned by Google.  
    I follow Google's guidelines and my work will last through any changes
    they make.

    If you need really fast results, don't look for "Black Hat" firms!  
    I know how to place inexpensive ads that will get you quicker ROI.

  2. My Services Cost Less
    Since I'm a one man shop, and don't maintain a storefront, I can afford to charge less.
    I've worked with many small businesses, and they feel I do a great job of getting results that far exceed their investment.

  3. I'm Easy To Contact
    Ever call a firm, and have to play "telephone tag" to get a simple answer?
    I'm rarely away from the keyboard or phone for very long, and I don't leave you worrying.
    Unlike many firms, I rarely charge just to answer questions.

    I'm an American, so there are no language barriers to worry about.

  4. I Don't Hold You Hostage
    If you've bought a website / shopping cart setup from me, I don't force you to have me do every small change.
    I make sure you have the ability to do updates yourself.

Don't just take MY word for it, how about seeing what some of my clients have to say?  

Contact me today, and see how I can help your company get noticed, and bring in more sales!